Get involved with IBIC's events and programs this quarter!
The IBIC team wishes you a smooth start to the quarter! We've been working through the summer to bring you great programs this year - some familiar, some brand new – and we can't wait for you to join us. 
What's coming up?
IBIC Open House
Come by the office to meet some people, eat sushi and make art!

Tue. Oct. 11

Peer Facilitation Program 
Join a cohort (and be paid) to learn how to be a peer facilitator.
Dialogue and reflect with others (and have hot cocoa and snacks).

Tue. Oct. 25
Dialogue Grant Program 
Get funding and support to do your own project!
Who's that?
That's right, the IBIC team has grown! Please welcome Program Coordinators Adrian Vega (he/they) and Jeannie Yamazaki (she/they). They started this past summer and have jumped right into supporting and co-leading a wide range of IBIC programs and offerings. Welcome Adrian and Jeannie 💕
Adrian Vega
Born and raised in Point Reyes, CA, Adrian’s experiences as a FLI student of color at Stanford drove their interest in pursuing a career working alongside diverse college students. After graduating from Stanford in 2019, Adrian went on to mentor and advise first-generation/low-income college students. More recently, Adrian earned their Ed.M. in Education Leadership at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Adrian is excited to be back on The Farm and support the Office’s work towards building a supportive campus community for all. Outside of their work, Adrian loves spending time in the kitchen, lounging at home, playing with his nephews, and buying new books.
Jeannie Yamazaki
Originally from Valhalla, New York, Jeannie lived and worked in Japan before coming to Stanford. She earned her B.S. from Cornell University, where as a dialogue facilitator and peer counselor, she became passionate about human connection. Continuing now as a Program Coordinator for the IBIC, she aims to facilitate connection – with ourselves and one another – as a means to disrupt, dismantle, and heal from oppressive systems. In her free time, Jeannie loves to listen to audiobooks, cook good food (or attempt to, anyway), and go on walks.
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